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Arizona Approves SaniDate� 12.0 for Human Health Pathogen Control in Agricultural Irrigation Waters!

Longview News-Journal 30 Nov 2023
Specifically, SaniDate 12.0 is the only labeled product that can be used for the reduction and control of Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC), including O157.H7 and Salmonella enterica in preharvest agriculture water.

Letter: There is much we can do to protect salmon from toxic runoff now

North Shore News 21 Nov 2023
It correctly states that stormwater carries 6PPD-quinone from our roads into our creeks, and that road runoff is a “toxic soup” (I’ll add, also containing hydrocarbons, salt, sludge and other toxins) into the naturalized creek environment ... We need to control road runoff and treat it.

FAO/WHO Joint Media Advisory: Codex Alimentarius Commission

World Health Organization 20 Nov 2023
Texts for adoption include.Guidelines for the Control of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in Raw Beef, Fresh Leafy Vegetables, Raw Milk and Raw Milk Cheeses, and Sprouts Guidelines for the Safe Use and Reuse of Water in Food Production and ProcessingRevisions to the ...

Could marijuana make you sick? Fungal infections raise concerns

The Tennessean 16 Nov 2023
The fungi that infect marijuana, like Aspergillus or Fusarium, and the dangerous toxins they produce are well known to scientists ... The process used to create marijuana edibles, which concentrates the psychoactive substance THC, could also concentrate mycotoxins, the toxins produced by fungi ... Federal regulations control toxins in other crops.

ProstaThrive Reviews – Overpriced or Optimal Ingredients That Really Work?

The San Juan Journal 16 Nov 2023
Flush out toxins– when toxins attack your prostate gland, they interfere with urinary functions. The ingredients in ProstaThrive help flush out toxins and harmful substances, therefore optimizing blood flow to the penile chambers for effective sexual performance ... It enables you to control your bathroom urges and reduces urinary discomfort.

Zeteo Tech Expands IP Portfolio of Mass Spectrometry Technology

Tyler Morning Telegraph 14 Nov 2023
Using the patented “point-of-need” portable threat detection system, air samples can be automatically collected and analyzed for chemical and biological aerosolized threat agents, including bacteria, viruses, toxins, and chemicals such as fentanyl ... viruses, and toxins,” said Dr.

Experiment shows biological interactions of microplastics in watery environment

Cleburne Times-Review 10 Nov 2023
Research at Purdue University now shows that their plastic-induced eating difficulties also limit the ability of zooplankton to control algal proliferation ... When algae bloom out of control, this presents a problem because some species produce toxins ... They also have the potential to release algae from predatory control,” Höök said.

Discover the hidden culprit of aging and how to turn back time

Kingsport Times-News 09 Nov 2023
From environmental toxins to the food you eat, there are several sources of cell damage ... Several factors are in your control to reduce these attacks and the damage they can cause ... Environmental toxins are especially worrisome ... While you can’t control your environment, you can protect yourself from oxidative stress and free radicals.

In SC\u2019s directive to end stubble burning, a message about long-term solutions

Indian Express 09 Nov 2023
Farm fires have come down in Punjab as well, but they remain one of the major contributors to the cocktail of toxins in north India's air ... The court has also Delhi Pollution Control Committee to release real-time data on pollution from different sources.

Delhi-NCR air pollution: Yoga asanas and pranayama to boost lung function and beat air pollution

Hindustan Times 09 Nov 2023
Deep breathing can help lungs to eliminate toxins, improve oxygen flow and boost respiratory health. Controlled breathing techniques can help tackle lung inflammation ... Pranayama is the ancient art of breath control, an integral part of yoga ... Regular practice can assist in removing toxins from the body and improving oxygen intake.

Is It Safe To Eat A Potato That's Turning Green Or Sprouting Eyes?

Huffington Post 05 Nov 2023
Once potatoes start to sprout eyes, they are still generally safe to eat as long as the sprouting isn’t out of control ...Sunlight turns potatoes green as they produce chlorophyll, but the real issue is the build-up of harmful toxins.” ... “Seeing green on potatoes indicates the formation of the toxin solanine, also found in the sprouts,” she said.

As Delhi air quality dips to ‘severe’, here are lifestyle changes to reduce the risk ...

Hindustan Times 05 Nov 2023
As Delhi air quality dips to ‘severe’, here are lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of lung cancer (Shutterstock) ... By prioritising clean air, both indoors and outdoors, you create a nurturing environment for your lungs ... To further fortify your lung health, take control of your surroundings, minimising exposure to carcinogens and toxins ... ....

Researchers discover how a fly species gained sole access to a fruit in the Seychelles

Phys Dot Org 31 Oct 2023
The behavior of this fly has changed, and it is physiologically able to tolerate the toxins in the fatty acids ... Dey, now a postdoctoral researcher at UC Irvine, added that an understanding of the genetic changes that allow insects to adapt to host plants and develop tolerance for host plant toxins could be useful for controlling agricultural pests.

The zombie cockroach video brings back memories of a roach-swatting cat named Bubba

HM Media 31 Oct 2023
“To complete their life cycles, they must first sting an American cockroach, and inject the much larger insect with mind-control toxins that turn it into a defenseless zombie ... a cockroach in complete control of its faculties, except I’m betting that Raid is probably ineffective.

Stuart didn't have a Lost Summer, but El Nino makes winter Lake O discharges inevitable

TCPalm 30 Oct 2023
Lake O level on Oct ... By doing the same on the west side of the lake, it created two things.Florida's only cross-state waterway for boat trafficA mechanism to help with flood control by dumping huge volumes of lake water to the coastal estuaries ... The Corps can't dump a known human health toxin into a waterfront community in the name of flood control.